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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) exams are ideal for visualizing soft tissue, muscle and organs. MRI uses a powerful magnet and does not use radiation. It provides detail that is not available with other types of medical imaging.

Doctor Analyzing X-Rays

Ultrasound offers a real-time look into different parts of your body using sound waves. It is often used to capture organs, vessels, and tissues. At Northern Lights Imaging our technologists are fully trained and registered professionals.

Fairbanks Ultrasound Diagnostic Sonograp

Echocardiography, or echo, is a painless test that uses sound waves to create moving pictures of your heart. The pictures show the size and shape of your heart. They also show how well your heart's chambers and valves are working.


Computerized Tomographic Scans are known as CT or CAT scans.  These diagnostic medical imaging exams are ideal for visualizing soft tissue, muscle, organs, and vasculature.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

An X-ray is a quick, painless test that produces images of the structures inside your body — particularly your bones.

X-Ray Results

Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses X-rays to obtain real-time moving images of the interior of an object.


Mammography 3D Tomographic imaging is now available at Northern Lights Imaging in Anchorage, AK.  Our superior mammography equipment, the MAMMOMAT, has a wide-angle viewer for capturing more tissue for greater accuracy.


Our Radiologists are local and are known for their excellent care and quick report turnaround times because they understand your diagnosis is important to you and your doctor.

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